Here you can find info on the various projects I've undertaken or want to...


This is a list of the various postgraduate bits of work I have done in association with my MRes and PhD in Complexity Science.

  1. Calcium Signalling
  2. Swarm Robotics
  3. Evolution Of Cell Function


This page includes sections on my BSc dissertation and all my undergraduate programming assignments. Some of the code might be of general use, especially some of the Java GUI code.

Spare Time

The following are all the projects I've started in my spare time either the finished product or works in progress. This list is automatically generated so see the above link for an overview of the maturer projects suitable for human consumption.

  1. Youtube
  2. Audiobook
  3. Bacon
  4. Pdfistext
  5. Laserscan
  6. Searchflow
  7. Codebox


This page contains more information about work I have completed or worked on in my stints in full time employment. This is on the site in part for my own reference, and to supplement any information from my CV with multimedia.

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