Playing with WolframAlpha and Bacon

WARNING! This page contains humour that might be construed as awful.

Q: What is the number of Suns I need to fry a Googol of pork-bacon slices?

A: 1.6x1069 Suns in a line :) assuming I am frying on the surface of the Suns and want to take frozen bacon up to 100 degrees Celsius from frozen!

A Piggy Addendum

I would also need 3.5x1095 pigs to generate a googol of bacon slices!*googol)+%2F+mass+of+pig
Wolfram Alpha couldn't tell me how many planets of pigs that was... but from Google I made an estimate from the Earthly piggy population of 939,318,700 pigs on Earth in 2002.... See more

So there are 3.7x1086 Earth planets required to fuel my stellar fry up of delicious bacon slabs! Truly a wonderful fact to know :3 OINK!*googol)+%2F+(939318700+*+mass+of+pig))
Going even further I would require around 1.164x1074 to 2.329x1074 galaxies of planets depending on estimations of stars in the universe and assumptions on the average solar system size!
Even further I would need to borrow from around 1.164x1063 to 2.329x1063 other universes to get enough pigs... I MUST HAVE THIS MUCH BACON!

Link to the ultimate pig calculation:*googol)+%2F+(939318700+*+mass+of+pig))+%2F+((number+of+stars+in+the+milkyway)+*+(number+of+planets+in+the+solar+system)))+%2F+number+of+galaxies+in+the+universe

Even if I assume all atoms in the universe could be converted to bacon tissue and that all atoms are as heavy as Fe (some kind of strange degenerate "average" and "mature" universe) I need 8x1042 universes to get enough atoms for the bacon :(*+googol)+%2F+((mass+of+iron+in+grams)+*+(number+of+atoms+in+the+universe))
So I would need even more to get enough stars to cook this construction :( sadly it looks like a meal of this proportion is beyond even super science, at least I can model it in WolframAlpha online! The dream is still alive...

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