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Everything you might want, and not want to know:

I am currently undertaking a joint MRes and PhD as a postgraduate student with the Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences. Previously I worked for a year as a research assistant with the Centre for Catchment & Coastal Research. Unfortunately I cut this opportunity short to undertake my postgraduate study. However, I did get the chance to work on some exciting projects involving stop-and-go laser scanning using a robotic chassis to rapidly scan large areas of terrain in 3D! My year as a research assistant extended my undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University doing a BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. My undergraduate dissertation focused on implementing a symbiogenetic operator in a Genetic Algorithm to preserve some coupling between loci, and try and speed up adoption of highly fit partial solutions in a non discriminatory way. During the middle of my undergrad degree I took time out for a year in "industry", but I decided against a year in the real world over the offer of being a student programmer at the Remote Sensing Group at the Plymouth Marine Laboratories. I was responsible for the development of a batch data ordering and processing system for Antarctic satellite data as part of the Rothera ARIES Data Archive project, as well as processing satellite data day-to-day for the scientific community.

I'm interested in all things quirky and all things SCIENCE! and more so for a combination of the two.

If you want to see what I have been up to on wikipedia go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/MattOates

I've recently started up the #alife IRC channel on freenode if anyone is interested in coming along and talking about artificial life! irc://irc.freenode.net#alife

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