Centre for Catchment and Coastal Research (UWA/IGES)

After graduating I've taken up an 18 month contract with the university working for the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences on their new CCCR contract.

The things I'll be doing between 2007-2009:

Remote Sensing Group (PML)

Network Dataflow Diagram of the Rothera Data Ordering System

↑ Rothera Network Dataflow.

I worked for one year as part of my degree at the Plymouth Marine Labs. for the Remote Sensing Group.

Some blurb about the kinds of things I've done this year:

Websites I Have Designed And/Or Built

Please click on an image to see an enlarged view.

Although by no means do I consider myself to be an expert web developer, over the years I have been asked to produce quite a few so thought I might as well showcase them here. I'm sure they will eventually be changed or replaced, as is the nature of the web :D

IGES Departmental Website

Institute of Geography & Earth Sciences' Departmental Website (2007-2008)

Throughout my time with IGES I was tasked with creating their departmental website. Based on the Drupal CMS with some extensions for the structure of the department and dealing with publications for members of staff.


RSG Website

Plymouth Marine Lab. - Remote Sensing Group, Home Site (2005-2006)

This site was written to replace an existing antiquated home page, intended as a stop gap solution until PML bring in their new corporate style sheets.


Rothera Website

Rothera ARIES Data Archive Browser Site (2005-2006)

The title link above will log you into the website as a guest account I've setup. You can then look at the pretty pictures the site produces on the fly, but unfortunately you cannot download any of the data unless you become a registered RSDAS user.


Western Channel Observatory Website

Western Channel Observatory Site (2005-2006)

A site I setup on the side for Tim Smythe to present the WCO to the world, as well as a wiki to publish data from the L4 sample station.


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