YouTube Video Feature Indexing

This page is the result of slapping together mplayer, opencv and youtube-dl

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Not available on this host:

  • java - Executes markov parody text generation.
  • festival - Synthesizes machine spoken waveform from text input.
  • gocr - Converts raster text data into vectorized plain-text (OCR) when creating audiobooks.
  • html2txt - Converts HTML to formatted ASCII text.
  • djvu-libre - Manipulate djvu file input so that we can extract data for OCR or direct voice synthesis.
  • pdf-tools - Manipulate PDF file input so that we can extract data for OCR or direct voice synthesis.
  • pdfistext - Test if a PDF only contains scanned images or has text content.
  • imagemagick - Converts supported image formats into an intermediate format (PNM) used in OCR.
  • pstotext - Converts PostScript files into plain ASCII text as if they were being printed.
  • antiword - Converts older Word (<=2003) .doc files to plain text.
  • lame - Encodes synthesized voice waveform to lame mp3.
  • mencoder - Encodes from one mplayer-supported video format to another.
  • oggenc - Encodes synthesized voice waveform to ogg vorbis.
  • unrtf - Converts RTF files to ASCII text.
  • youtube-dl - Downloads a .flv Youtube flash movie, described by a given URL.

Currently available on this host:

  • perl - Scrapes website/wikipedia online sources when creating audiobooks.
  • host - I

Current features include:

  1. Nothing yet. Will be in construction for a while since an ordering and batch processing system needs to be coded up!

Future features might include:

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