Bike Stuff

Here you can find info about my bike and cycling related stuff.

↑ Cycling through streams is fun! ;)

Links To Trails I've Done



Failures So Far

Sinclair A-Bike+

↑ My new folding Sinclair A-Bike >:3

Yay A-Bike, it's fairly twitchy at anything faster than a jogging pace but the steering is stiff enough that if you don't panic it can be really smooth to ride. Bought this minibeast to speed up my rail commute into Bristol, just hope it lives up to my wildest dreams!

Update: if your wildest dream involves lots of sweat and getting nowhere fast this is the bike for you :) Watch out for any kind of pot hole or storm drain though!!

Mountain Bikes

↑ My new Nail Trail, my old bike was stolen :'[ RIP

Marin Nail Trail 2009

↑ My old trusty GIANT Terrago

GIANT Terrago 2008

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