Create business card barcodes!

This code originates from a little task I had as a research assistant to make a field equipment database that would manage barcodes. The same barcode library can produce QR codes, often used for social and context specific data scannable by mobile phones. If you have an Android phone then make sure to install the Barcode Scanner apk from the ZXing project!

Automagically generate a vCard 3.0 encoded contact QR barcode



Generate with your own arbitrary vCard or other text data

What code was used? by Terry Burton was used to generate the actual barcode image given the specified input. A php wrapper was written that takes requests and makes a nice PNG. The source below should create a page similar to this one for your own site. Just include in the same directory and have ImageMagick installed. For details of the vCard specification you might want to check out RFC2426 "vCard MIME Directory Profile" from the Internet Engineering Task Force.

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