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Updated Audiobook Creation With Full Smart PDF Support

2009-06-04 01:40:00

Audiobook creation updated to handle PDFs at last!

PDF parsing is dealt with smartly by OCRing PDFs that are just scanned books, or slurping text if its easily available with no preprocessing required. I will put up the tiny bit of bash I use to test if a PDF is of text type or image type shortly the script is imaginatively named `pdfistext`.

New bike YAY!

2009-06-01 13:33:00

Details of my new bike added.

View a photo and spec of my new bike after the old one got stolen. No one cares because this is just a vanity site YAY \o/

Fun with robots and laser scanners.

2008-12-23 11:18:00

Gallery for laser scanning work added.

View photos, videos and other imagery from my recent work in laser scanning whilst at in Aberystwyth University.

Fun cycling stuff.

2008-07-01 12:14:00

Added some info about my bike and cycling exploits.

This is mostly a boring page of stats and figures that wont interest anyone but me probably :D

Gallery Update.

2008-06-25 20:30:00

Added LightBox Support.

Now when you click on most images on the site they will open up in Lightbox and scale to fit your screen if they are really high res. I still need to go through and recompress the 6MB jpegs from my SLR though ;) so load times are still slow!

CGI:IRC for #alife now hosted from the site.

2008-01-01 12:00:00

In the vain hope to attract some traffic on #alife on freenode I've setup CGI:IRC for folks to drop in and chat. Feel free to stop by and chat about all things life and computer like.

I really want to see #alife grow into a bit of a community portal for people interested in artificial life and biologically inspired computing. Lets hope CGI:IRC gets us one step closer to this machiavellian goal!

Symbibots Trac-wiki and Subversion-repository up and running.

2007-09-27 11:28:00

Moving to a new host I have added a Subversion and Trac wiki for the Symbibots project.

I hope to be updating the features, documentation and general stability of this software over the next year. As and when I make changes they will be available through the Trac site and Subversion.

Onwards to a new hosting frontier!

2007-09-27 11:21:00

The site has now moved to dedicated hosting that should have decent uptime from now on.

Everything has been moved from my aging laptop to a newly renevated headless-desktop kept in my dad's "office" ;) This has really improved the speed and reliability of ebook2audiobook processing, as well as improving the voice used with festival! All of the audiobooks now use a sassy British-English voice at a higher bitrate than before, so no more zombie American drawl.

Ebook To Spoken Audiobook Conversion Tool

2007-09-22 16:57:00

Create machine spoken audiobooks from text, images & ebooks.

Upload various raster and vector formated textual data, and have it converted to a machine spoken audio file.

Parody Text Generator

2007-09-22 16:57:00

Generate parodied text from a given source text.

A simple parody text generator, based on a markov-chain model of trailing word frequency. The web interface makes use of a standalone tool that I wrote as part of my degree course.

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